my dream for the future

my dream for the future is to properly record all my songs, with proper arrangements and decent sound quality, as good as the commercial music out there.

and i'd like to burn them all onto a cd and give it away to everyone. and maybe even do up a nice little professional booklet with all the lyrics inside, and maybe include some poems, as well as some of my poetry too, plus some lame photos! haha..

in my wildest dreams i would like to print a few hundred copies and give it out to random strangers at mrt stations - you know like when they give out the free morning newspapers, and just spread the joy of the music around.

when the day comes that my urge for songwriting is not so strong anymore, this cd would be a testament to a wonderful period of my life =)

so... who wants to help me out with this project? haha..

1 comment:

sarah said...

i wanna help you! but you must give me some part in your cd haha the band! ok lah, the whole point is to cut your own stuff rite, i wanna help design!! :)