If you could feel what I feel tonight
Then you'd go..

Cos I'm in love with you it's true
You are my..

When you are here with me I'm alive
And I'm so..

Cos you're here right by my side!

Cos baby baby baby baby
You my one and only baby
Baby baby baby baby
I'm in love with you oh baby

Cos baby baby baby baby
You and me forever baby
Baby baby baby baby
You're my baby baby!

Song Notes
This was the first-ever song which I composed on the piano! Not on purpose though, but since my guitar was broken I had no choice. I was also listening to a lot of Jamiroquai at the time, thus the tune that came out was some sort of disco-beat stuff, heh.. I was also testing out the new software that I bought to arrange my music: Mixcraft. It's quite a good software! Forgive the mind-numbing repetition of the word 'baby', it's just for fun and to make the song more catchy, heh.. =)

Update - 12/12/07 - New video added! haha.. Ok it's not much of a video, but it's more reliable than the Odeo player, heh..

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