Crazy Blues

Crazy Blues

You said that you're gonna be alright now
You said that you're gonna be fine somehow
You're gonna make it!

You're a millionaire in a billion
You're a headcase in a crazy rebellion
You gotta shake and it'll burn!

And if you're feeling the blues
You gotta take off your shoes
And go wild!

And if you feel it's okay
Why don't you go out today

Cos we're the galaxy defenders
Gonna shoot down the alien invaders
Yeah Yeah Yeah!

We are the movers and the shakers
We go out, we go out
And we take no prisoners, yeah yeah yeah!

You gotta move it, move it, move it! Yeah!
You gotta shake it, shake it, shake it! Yeah!
Yeah Yeah Yeah, come on!

Song Notes
This is a blues-rock song about being independent and daring to go against the flow. I presented this song acoustically during a Songcraft session, and Jeremy commented that the song is more suited for a band-style instrumentation rather than simply an acoustic version. So this is the version I came up with if it was played by a band, haha.. Did everything in a day, can't be bothered to mix and edit anymore. I'm a lazy bugger, haha.. I like this song cos' it's rock and I very seldom come up with rock tunes, heh.. =)


B said...

I like the way it makes me feel like I'm back in the "Make Love Not War" era... GROOOOVY!

Firdaus, are you sure joining MOE is a good idea of a career?

Firdaus said...

haha.. hmm, will i then be 'just an ordinary working adult with a brainless but stable deskbound job who's quite contented (for now) with tinkling on the ivories, wracking his brains for rhyming words as hobbies'?


Unknown said...

The intro is nice. It's (how to put it..) a bit off-key but in a controlled way. Maybe a slightly faster tempo might work better. But this is nice!

Firdaus said...

thanks ivan! maybe i should have contacted u to see whether u'd like to contribute to the lead guitar material, haha.. confirm would be better than what i've done =)

Unknown said...

no no, I meant it was perfect that t was "off-key". :)