I'm just floating along with you
You who understands me most
You who understands me best
Even though we have never met before

But something in your eyes
When I looked at them
Tells me that you understand
Everything about me
More than other people will ever do

A sense of warmness filled me
In a way I have never felt before
I do not know how long this will last
But gosh, this moment feels so amazing
Right now, this very moment
And I'm lost in this delicious feeling of contentment
And I don't care if this is real or not
Because I'm feeling so good
I don't want it to stop

As I sit beside you in silence
I feel all my life unraveling
Nothing is a secret to you
Nothing is hidden from me to you
I have never felt so comfortable before in my life

As I looked at you
I wanted to ask
Where have you been all my life?

And suddenly, I realised
You had been there all along...


Unknown said...

Dude. Finally, you enabled comments! LOL. Nice poem. Quite lyrical. Although I'd have cut a few lines to make it more compact, but hey, it's your poem. Will we get to hear this at the next Songcraft meetup?

Firdaus said...

haha.. thanks for the compliment ivan! nah, i'm not good at reciting poems. it would lose its impact, and cause everyone to fall asleep! haha..

hmm.. i'm thinking about your music, would be cool to recite poems with your songs setting the atmosphere =)