Effective Songs

effective songs allow you to connect with it straightaway and bring you into it's world. you don't have to be 'in the mood' to connect with it, but rather it would draw you in.

examples of effective sad songs, in my opinion:

  1. yesterday by the beatles
  2. creep by radiohead
examples of effective happy songs, in my opinion:
  1. that thing you do by the wonders
  2. let's twist again by chubby checker

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Anonymous said...

Agree. Especially the part about "bringing you into its world". An effective song will have the ability to do that.

But sometimes I can't help but think that the performer also plays a big part in bringing the listener into the song's world. Cos a lousy performer with a weak voice might turn the listener off from the song. Sad but true.

Anyway, just to add to your list of songs:

Sad Songs
"Sad Song" by Oasis (what else? haha!)

Happy Songs
"She Love You" by the Beatles