do you outgrow your songs?

are there some songs which you have composed that you wouldn't want to perform anymore because in one way or another you don't 'click' with the songs anymore? i'm wondering, because for me there are certain songs which i would feel weird playing, like some of my earlier compositions. i'd be like..'aiyoh, this song so cheesy!' or 'hahaha.. the song so lame' or 'i can't get into the feel or mode of this song anymroe'. but others might like it still!

do you outgrow your songs?


Unknown said...

I went through that phase. When I started learning how to play the guitar, I was churning out songs like one a week. Of course later my musical tastes got more sophisticated and realised the songs had cheesy lyrics and common-sounding tunes. What sounded like hits then became a bit tired to sing. But I think if I start adding drums and arrangements, it might sound good again :)

Anonymous said...

Do I outgrow my songs? Oh yes, I certainly do.

I look back at some of the songs I wrote one year ago when I first starting seriously writing songs...and some of them make me cringe. I dunno why also, but that's the way it is for me.

I have this philosophy that my next song is always gonna be better than my previous one. So I always tend to view my older songs as "lousier". I'd like to think that I mature as a songwriter as I write more songs!

Firdaus said...

ivan - interesting! so maybe arrangements do play quite a part in making a song more 'acceptable' huh?

jeremy - you may cringe, but i bet some people liked your old songs! =)

Ilsa said...

Well, I guess you do although I don't have that many songs to outgrow. :P

Actually, it shows how you have progressed or grown to match your own personal growth in life, experiences, change in music styles or preference, etc.

Maybe I won't say "outgrow" but rather a "development". Besides the beginning stages which we all go through where we might find our then songs "cheesy" or "lousier", to quote you, sometimes it's just a change in tastes. It just expresses yourself at that point of time in a chronicle?

Firdaus said...

yup ilsa, i guess you're right. a weird anology i have with regards to that is like when you have discovered the roller coaster, the merry go round is no longer that fun to sit on! haha..

B said...

For me, it's the songs which I
1. wrote Music AND Lyrics for
2. wrote for a Very Special occasion/someone
3. put in 110% of work
that I would never outgrow.

Because there is just so much emotion and hard work put into it.

Even though some may not sound "sophisticated", it's the emotions/memories that make them evergreen (for me) :)

Firdaus said...

wow! haha..