Another Try

Another Try


Is there a day where you can't find your way
And is there a sign on the road
Running in circles as time passes by
And sometimes you feel all alone

Counting the days when you used to be free
All it takes is just a one-night stand
Calling for help but the well has run dry
And sometimes you wish you could die, but just


Give it another try
In the name of all you believe in, just
Let another day go by, and start
Pick up the pieces, just
Give it another try

Don't you dare take the easy way out
And run away from all your fears
Come be my hero I'll grant you a wish
The gold at the end of a rainbow

I share your pain though I know it's in vain
You've got to do it by yourself
I'll give you a smile, and a hug, and a kiss
And I'll be waiting for you here back home, so just


There's a heaven out there
You've got to believe in
There's a heaven out there
Though it's unseen

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