Review of Violet Hill by Coldplay

I have been listening to Coldplay's newest single 'Violet Hill', and here are my thoughts on the song:

Overall, it has a catchy melody, but is not interesting enough to be a good single. The whole song is basically repeating the melody over and over again, 3 times to be precise (1 min, 1min, 1min each), with variations to the arrangement during the different times. Interestingly, this song has no bridge or chorus, so it's just the verse repeating over and over again. For me, the nicest part of the song was the ending, with Chris Martin singing only with the piano - a trademark Coldplay sound. Perhaps a better arrangement of the song would be to put that ending into the middle section of the song to take away the monotony and repetition of the main melody.

But perhaps this song was intended to be a 'lightweight' single, with the better songs kept in reserve until when the album comes out. Nonetheless, I think this song would make a good first track on the album to get the listener in the mood. I also feel that this song would be a decent 'live' song to play, with the audience singing along, because of its simple, catchy and repetitive melodies. Looking forward to the album!

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