Souled Out (2009)

Download the album HERE

Track Listing

  1. Crazy Blues
  2. Special Girl
  3. I Do I Do
  4. If I Was Superman
  5. Up In the Skies Above
  6. Perfect Stranger
  7. Take Care My Love
  8. Just Wanna Say I Love You
  9. Before I Go
  10. Someday
All tracks written, composed and performed by Firdaus.

Download the album HERE


B said...

For a split second I thought you released an album commercially, haha.
CONGRATS on a year of great self-penned songs!

Here's to 2009!

Firdaus said...

thanks B!

you should release an album too! haha

Unknown said...

Nice work, Firdaus! I see you've managed to use and also adopt a CC license. Well done!

Firdaus said...

thanks man!

yup, i've picked up a few tips from you! LOL

Carrie said...

Up in the skies above - the vocals are thom yorke-ish! I like.

Firdaus said...

being compared to the legendary radiohead.. i'm not worthy! haha

thanks carrie! =)

B said...

me? haha not enough to "fill" an album size ;p

Firdaus said...

EP then! haha


hello.. salam kenal..
what an excellent album..
can you give me some recipes to make a song album?? what the main things will i prepare if i'd like to make a song album?? yaaa,, may be,, some of my little song that i ever make a few month ago..
and might you reply in my blog?? hahha..
okey friend,, you're my inspiration.. thank you so much..
yeahh.. i'll try to make some song..
good luck..