Stop That's My Seat

Stop That's My Seat

What's up with all the aunties and uncles?
Who scramble into the train it's such a debacle
I gotta close my eyes it's such a crying shame
To watch the greedy looks on their faces

And the worst part is, you bring your children along
You teach them winning at all cost is the law of the land
For goodness sake, it's just a stupid seat on the train
If you can't stand for 20 mins, then get a bloody wheelchair
It's not like Singapore is the size of USA

Here, if you want to sit down so much
Have my seat, I know you also paid the ticket price
Can't stand the smug look on their faces
When they've managed to rush in and elbow people outta their way
And get that 100 million dollar seat
The smirk, ugh
Like what, you got a seat, now you're the king of the world?

Step back, step back
The train's not even stopped
And you're standing here blocking the door
Waiting to enter, with anticipation on your face
Like waiting for the starter gun in an Olympic race
For goodness sake, let the people inside come out!
You bitch when its the other way around
So practice what you preach, you assclown!

My legs hurt you said, I need a seat real bad
I can't stand all the way for the next 20 mins
Well yeah? I would have believed your stupid excuses
If I didn't just see you sprint and hurdle the masses
Just to get to any empty seat with your name on it

Oh, disappointed now I see?
There's no empty seat left for you, hehe
Thank you for that moment of comic
Now if you please, allow me to pretend and mimic
That I'm falling asleep so that I won't have to give up my seat to you!

It's not that I'm mean or something
But it's so damn obvious to see
That this is a sport and achievement to you
You don't need the seat, it's a game yeah it's a game
And I think it's a damn shame
That you've been reduced to this
Might as well make full use of your talent
Be a musical chair professional, I think you'll be a billionaire

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Anonymous said...

lol, hilarious.