You Came Into My Life

You Came Into My Life

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It's been a long while
Since I had this feeling deep inside
It's been a long time
Since I have someone whom I can say is mine

Cos you are here with me
And it feels so good thinking of just what we can be
Cos when you love me
My heart fills with joy if you could only see...

You came into my life
And everything's so beautiful
All my troubles are gone
And I'm on a roll now

You came into my heart
And gave it all a brand new start
I can walk in the dark
And not be afraid now

You came into my soul
And saved me from a world unknown
Together forever
We'll go far away now

And everything will be alright
Because you came into my life
And everyday will be so bright
Because you came into my life

Song Notes
This tune has been in my head for a very long time, but I could not find a proper way to express it into a song. But finally after some slogging it came out, haha.. It's meant to be a catchy song, so sing along! LOL.. Forgive the not-so-good recording and singing, cos I can't be arsed to record the song again and again to get the perfect take (actually I only did one recording so whatever lah, haha..). This song is dedicated to the people who brighten up my life and make it more fun and interesting to live in =)

Ideal singers for song: Old-school Beatles

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