Finding Love

Finding Love
Music by: Ivan Chew
Lyrics by: Firdaus

[Verse 1]
I've been walking in circles looking for love
Hoping for guidance from up above
Then I followed my heart and came to you
I'm getting closer, I'm finding love

And I can't believe that its true
You're here with me and I love you

[Verse 2]
And all those times I thought that love was in vain
You came close to me and took away all my pain
And although I cry these tears are for you
Tears of joy, cos I'm finding love

And I can't believe that it's true
You're here with me and I love you

Cos I'm finding love
And I'm holding on
It's been too long
Since I fell in love

Cos I'm finding love
And come what may
Our love will last
Forever and a day

Cos I'm finding love...

Song Notes
This song was originally composed by Ivan, as an instrumental. He then put up the basic rhythm track on the Starfish Stories blog invited those who are interested to input their own lyrics or melodies on it. As I was feeling bored that day I decided to have a listen and see whether I could come up with any lyrics for the track. And this is what came out! haha.. Pardon the sappy lyrics and not very in-tune singing, cos I came up with it in an hour and recorded in one take while watching the Australian Open Finals (Tsonga lost! bleh..). But it's quite an interesting song I think. Definitely not a song that I could have come up with on my own. Sounds like those type of songs they would sing on Singapore Idol, heh.. Hope I didn't ruin Ivan's song too much!

1 comment:

Ivan Chew said...

Thanks man. It's a compliment when you think the song is worth your time! You've given the song a new treatment. I like some parts you created, and will see how to incorporate into the song. Great... my first ever vocals collaboration :)