One World (Collaboration)

One World

Lay with me here
Somewhere near
And I see you in bloom
Too soon

Just one world between us
Just one love
That's all

Come to your senses
It's coming through
What we're dreaming of
For me and you

For me and you

One world
One love

Song Notes
This song was originally composed as an intrumental by Ivan. He said that he was very happy with the song and that it's his signature song for 2008 (even though it has not ended), and I can understand why, because it is simply superb! It is so good that I was practically dying to put some lyrics over the melodies, heh.. The instrumental has a very cool ambiance to it which reminded me of arena rock. So I decided to do the song in the style of U2. Alas, although I am not Bono but I think this effort wasn't too bad, heh.. Did everything in around 2 hours. Was quite easy actually, because the instrumental version of the song is so good in the first place.

I definitely think this is one of my better songs, even though technically it's Ivan's, haha.. I need to collaborate more with other people, cos it stretches me to a different level. Just don't ask me to perform this song live, cos I can't, haha!


Ivan Chew said...

Dude! LOVE THIS! I'm bobbing my head to your version. Woah, it's like totally what I had in mind (but not able to sing) AND THEN SOME. Put this down as you and me as the creators of the song man. This version is as much yours and mine. Man, I'm having the goosebumpy feeling. :)
p.s. can you send me the MP3? I'll load it up.

Ivan Chew said...

BTW, I've released this song under the Creative Commons attribution-share-alike-NonCommercial license. Which means, technically, this is your song now, if you adhere to the requirements of the license.

Firdaus said...

thanks a lot man! glad you liked it, cos i was worried you'd think its spoiling your song, haha..

Ivan Chew said...

Dude, it is here.

B said...

I can imagine Bono's voice in there haha.

Firdaus said...

yay! haha..

Jeremy Yew said...

Oh yeah, good point by B.

Bono's voice is right! I can so imagine that too.