Reflections of Eden by Birute M. F. Galdikas

Wow, this is an incredible story and reflection on the author's lifework of studying Orangutans in Borneo and the implications for humans in general. I've learnt so much about orangutans, like how each of them has a different personality and how alike they are to humans. Also I learnt the of the great need to preserve their natural forest habitat. Definitely a book worth reading! Now I'm going to hunt for Jane Godall's and Dian Fossey's memoirs!

Excerpts from the book:
Orangutans seem to express a range of emotions very similar to our own. I will never forget little Sobiarso sitting on the floor of our hut, playing with a piece of wood. She was lost in herself, tossing the object into the air and catching it, throwing it from one hand to the other, vigorously rubbing it on the floor, and twirling it. She was so absorbed in what she was doing that she was totally oblivious to my staring at her. Suddenly she looked up and saw me watching her. Instantly she stopped playing, visibly shrank and then quarter-turned away from me and hunched her back, peeking at me over her shoulder. Had she been human, I would have said that she was embarrassed at being caught having so much fun. After a while, I turned away and started writing again. Within a minute she resumed playing. This time I pretended to keep writing, but watched her out of the corner of my eye. Up to that time I had never seen an orangutan so immersed in playing with an object. I was stunned by how much Sobiarso resembled a human child.

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