When All is Said and Done

When All is Said and Done

I'm going to a place where there's no time
Where the moon don't rise and the sun don't shine
And I will take you with me
If you promise to be good

Nothing will make change this world of mine
Don't care what they say I feel so fine
And there'll be fairies singing
All my favourite songs to me

And there is nothing to pretend or comprehend
There's no need to compromise or make a stand
This is a journey that we came to chance upon
We are as we are when all is said and done

Everything that starts will have an end
That's the state of truth here in this land
But there's no need to worry
Cos' a better place awaits

You can hold my hand if you feel scared
But if I let you go, please don't be mad
And we'll be there forever
If we only believe

Song Notes
I seem to be having a 60s-style revival of some sort! This is another song about taking charge of one's life and not being afraid. I think that I'm a non-conformist at heart! haha..

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