Promotion - Songcraft Concert 2007

woohoo! gonna perform 3 of my original songs in a concert. tell me if you wanna go k? i think not much seats are left, so if u wanna come to the concert faster tell me!

i think this concert is gonna be brilliant, cos it's a celebration of the music that came from us, the various songwriters here in singapore. there won't be any songs that you have heard before on the radio or mtv, but i think they're just as brilliant, if not better, than the stuff you hear on radio and mtv. and cos the songwriters are singaporeans (well, mostly, haha..), chances are the songs they write will strike a deeper chord with the listeners, as compared to a song by an artiste from the west.

so come for the concert! it's FREE anyway, so might as well come and see what the fuss is about right? haha..

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