Perfect Stranger

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Perfect Stranger

A perfect stranger came to me one day
And said...
'I know what it is that you've been longing to say
The way you talk
you walk is nothing new
I've seen that tired face and look on quite a few'

A perfect stranger sat down here with me
And said...
'Don't worry tomorrow will be what it will be
Take your time to think of what's gone wrong
When tomorrow comes my love you must be strong'

Perfect stranger said to me that she understands
Just how I feel
Perfect stranger talked to me, and she held my hands
It felt so real

Song Notes
This song is about a dream I had one night. I had a really rough day and was feeling down, and in my dream there was this person who just came to me and sat down beside me and held my hand. She could sense that I was feeling troubled and down. And suddenly, all my troubles and worries just vanished and I felt so happy. In the dream, we sat down there for a long time, just smiling and looking at each other. And I woke up feeling so good and happy. I don't know why, it's just one of those dreams you get just a few times in your lifetime. This song is dedicated to the person/thing/guardian angel in my dream who lifted my spirits and took away all my troubles =). Pls visit me a lot more times ok, hahaha.. (I hope you're not an alien visitor though!! Yikes!!)

Ideal singer for the song: Avril Lavigne

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