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If I ever could be fine someday
I would like to see the world and take a holiday
And when I do I'd like to see you too
Just to tell you that I've always been in love with you

I'd like to talk about those times gone by
All the times when we laugh and all the times we cry
Those late night talks and all those long long walks
And the times when we used to sit upon the rocks


And I will lay down a flower for you
Your favourite flower the lilac blue
And I will say out a prayer for you
Someday I'll be joining you to


And when at last I finally close my eyes
I would like to think that I would go to paradise
And in the garden I will hold your hand
We'll be together forever now in wonderland

Song Notes
This song is about a man who is sick and on his deathbed. He then began to reminisce about his past, thinking about his loved one. He then wishes that when he dies, he and his loved one would be re-united in paradise =).

Ideal singer for the song: Coldplay

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