Ten Million

Ten Million

Ten million stars are shining
You've got to go look up to the sky
Ten million souls are singing
In celebration of this life!

Ten million kites are flying
They go so high up in the clouds
Ten million birds are chirping
A symphony of melodies!

Ten million candles
Lighting up the sea of dark
Ten million campers
Sleeping in the lovely park

Ten million lovers
Kissing under the moonlight
Ten million flowers
Blooming in the summer night

So come on love, now
Don't be scared, somehow
We'll be okay

Ten million of everything
It's amazing, don't you think?

Song Notes
This song is part of an experiment with me and my Songcraft buddies to see whether we all would come up with similar sounding songs if we had to use the same chords in our songs. The chords we had to use were C F G C, Am F G C. So this is my contribution!

This song is kinda like a children's song, with its hopeful lyrics and imageries. Since it's a happy song, I added a bit of reggae flavour into it! heh.. Gotta be one of my most cheerful songs so far. I wonder if it's the chords or the arrangement. Maybe I'll try to come up with a sad song next using the same chord progression. In the meantime, keep dancing! =)

Oh yah, I think my arrangement skills are slowly improving. So from now on for all my new songs I'll try to put in the full song arrangement, so that I can practice more on that. Interesting and exciting times ahead, heh..

p.s.: i realize that when i convert my song into video the sound quality becomes terrible and static-ish, so if you want the original good quality mp3 tell me, haha..

notes: yokes said this song is 'boogie woogie'. hahahaha!!


Jeremy Yew said...

Firdaus, the many references to nature, e.g. "park", "campers", "moonlight", "summer night", "birds", would work PERFECTLY at Fort Canning Park don't you think?

You gotta present this song on 18th April!

It's definitely a "brightens-up-your-day" kind of song. I think the tambourine effects certainly played a large part in it.

Yup, I believe it is one of your most cheerful songs so far.

Nice one!

Ivan Chew said...

Nice one, Firdaus. Sounds very "Carribean". I've also come up with a C/F/G/Am combination of sorts (here). Sounds very different from yours. :)

Firdaus said...

heh, thanks jeremy and ivan!