Yes, I Love You

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Yes, I Love You


You are the angel of the night
You are the fire that burns bright
You are the star that shines apart
You are the queen of my heart

You are my saviour when I fall
You are my strength above it all
You are my goal my hopes it seems
You are my soul my life my dreams


Oh darling I love you
Yes I do, Yes I do
Oh darling I need you
Yes I do, Yes I do


Even when the stars grow old
Our love will be strong forever
Even when the sun grows cold
I will leave you never

Song Notes
I was thinking to myself, if I had to write a super cheesy love song, what could I come up with? The answer is: 'Yes, I Love You'. Lol. It was fun writing this song and thinking of the most cheesy and mushy stuff you can say. But it didn't turn out too bad I felt, could pass off for a normal love song, heh..

Ideal singer for the song: Elvis Presley

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