Because She's Mine

Because She's Mine

My baby's leaving town today
She's coming over on a holiday
She's staying here with me till February
And I will treat her fine because she's mine
Yeah Yeah Yeah!

And I will treat her so right
Make sure everything goes well tonight
I want to let her know that she's mine....

Song Notes
This song is heavily influenced by the sound of the Beatles during their early years. It's a fun song to sing along to, haha.. so do join in! This song is done using the Mixcraft program. I wish I had better equipment though. There's only so much sound quality you can get from a cheap-ass pc microphone and a standard laptop, haha.. Nonetheless, I'm quite pleased with the sound produced. Yeah Yeah Yeah!! LOL

Update (13/12/07) - The video is up! haha..


Anonymous said...

Cute! I can definitely see the Beatles semblance in the song...from the jangly guitars to the vocal harmonies to the "yeah yeah yeah"!

Nice one! Beatles rock!

Firdaus said...

haha.. yeah they rock!

B said...

Yeah, very Beatles alright! Makes one feel jiggly relaxed ;D

Anonymous said...

enjoyable piece. Doing well bro!