A Lazy Song

A Lazy Song

Take a walk down in lonely town
You'll see me standing over there
Take a ride in the merry-go-round
You'll see me riding I don't care

I tried to write a damn good song
But it's late at night and I wanna sleep
So I'll make this sweet and not too long
A simple song with a steady beat

Took me ten minutes
To come up with this song
It may seem infinite
But I hope it's not too long

So now you see my song is done
I'm free to go away
Time to go have some fun
May we meet again some day

Sometimes I lack a little inspiration
Sometimes I need some motivation

This is a lazy song
I don't know what to say
And this line doesn't belong
But I'll sing it anyway

Some simple poems to make up the song
Four chords repeating all the way
I know it's not much
But I hope it made your day

Song Notes (14/8/07)
This song came about when I was in one of my lame and nonsensical moods. Was just playing some chords absent-mindedly
and the words all came naturally to me. It's not a very catchy song, but I love the lyrics. If one could be bothered to analyse and look deeper, the lyrics actually say a lot.

It's something along the line of 'ah.. I can't be arsed to write a song now, but since you want me to write, I'll try to come up with something okay but don't blame me if it turns out crappy, cos' I did put some effort into it although I admit it could have been better but anyway this song is for you so just appreciate it and smile and be grateful!' Wow that's a long sentence, lol.

Update: 25/12/07 - New video added, with improved sound! =)

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