Summer Days and Winter Nights

Summer Days and Winter Nights

We wake up in the morn'
In the dorm
Sing a song
And we go into a slumber till late at night

And we go into a dream
And we scream
'They are mean!'
And until then we wake up cos it's alright

Then we sailed into the night
See the sights
Have a light
We walk around and see if we can get a fight

Then we walked beside a bar
Scratch a car
Leave a scar
And we went home so that we can have a bite

It's a day in the life
Of summer days
And winter nights
We go on, We go on

We fly high
Not caring
But believing
We're the ones, we're the ones

Song Notes
I was strumming on the guitar and got an inspiration for a tune. A few hours later, voila! haha.. This song is about the carefreeness of youths. Also, this song reminds me a bit of the Britpop music a few years back. Am I outdated or what?! haha..


Unknown said...

This song says "Carlos Santana meets Oasis"! Listening to the intro, I felt like doing a guitar solo. Want to do a mashup? Maybe if you send a MP3 without your vocals (not that there's anything wrong, but I'm wondering how it'll sound as a rock guitar instrumental).

Firdaus said...

sure dude! i'll send it to you soon =)