I Just Wanna Say I Love You

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I Just Wanna Say I Love You

It's funny how
We never treasure each other
Till they're gone

It's funny how
We all ignore one another
Till it's too late
And then we're dead

So I'm taking this chance to make it right
There's no more tears that's gonna fall tonight
I'm baring all of my soul to you
So that you can see what's inside
There's nothing I will hide

I just wanna say I love you
That's all I can do, yes that's all I can do
Just wanna say that you're the light of my life
And I want you to be my wife

I just wanna say I love you
That's all I can do, yes that's all I can do
Just wanna say that you're the queen of my heart
And it hurts when we're apart

And it's okay if you don't feel that way
I have said what I want to say
At least I've tried and that's okay

And it's fine if you feel you won't be mine
There's nothing else I can do
Just wanna say that I love you

Song Notes
An emo song! Haha.. The actual premise of the song was that I wanted to write about how we never treasure our loved ones and tell them how much we love them and appreciate them till its too late. But along the way it metamorphosed into a love song (again!). So there you go. I've been experimenting lately on 'louder' and more vocally expressive sounds. The chord changes are more intricate too. Hope you like it!

Ideal singer for song: Radiohead (I would love to hear their interpretation and arrangement of this song)


Anonymous said...

Wow. You have now switched to using ODEO. Well I still preferred MTV style but hey that's your blog.

The ODEO player reminds me of Ivan's blog coz that's where I first saw it. Wow time flies. Almost a year since I knew his blog.

Firdaus said...

haha.. i also prefer to have mtv, but the youtube sound quality is not that good, compared to ODEO =)

Unknown said...

I like certain parts of the song. Like the first line of the pre-chorus. I thought the second line of the pre-chorus ought to be a minor chord too.

First time hearing it, it seemed like too many chord changes. Not quite sure where I was wrt the song. Maybe it's bec. the guitar strumming was not loud enough. Parts of your singing was a bit off key so that made it hard to follow (but hey you did a better job than I can, in playing the song in one sitting)

Firdaus said...

haha, yeah.. it's too tiring and time consuming to try to achieve a perfect recording. as long as the 'general idea' gets conveyed i'm happy. unless of cos it's a proper recording, heh.. =)

thanks for the comments!