You Can't Take Me Down

You Can't Take Me Down

Come on and take me down
Come on and turn me around

I'm not afraid of you
I have braved the dark
I'm a survivor in this desert of power

Come on and push me down
Come on and spin me around

I'll do what I will do
I am my own man
And you will never find me begging tonight

You can't take me down
Cos' I'm alive
In the hearts
Of the hopers and believers

You can't push me down
Cos I am strong
When the faith meets the will
The effort is real

Song Notes
This is one of the most interesting and substantial songs I have done so far, in terms of subject matter and content. It is a song of defiance and the effort to fight the good fight. In the video I have put the pictures of the people who have been assassinated, in one way or another due to their efforts in making the world a better place. These are the people that came to my mind when I made the video. There are indeed numerous more who have suffered greatly for their cause. Their conviction and bravery are to be admired, and they have set an example for their fellow humans to follow. Let's all work to make the world a better place!

p.s. The little boy in the video is JFK Junior, the son of JFK. This iconic picture was taken during JFK's funeral, when the soldiers are saluting the body of JFK. JFK Junior's mother then whispered into the ears of the 3 year old, and in a moment that broke the hearts of millions across the world, the little boy stepped up and saluted his dead father, the president of the united states.


B said...

Yeah angsty indeed.
The beginning reminds me of the opening of a Beatles song.

Unknown said...

I like the overall melody. Sounds like the song could be tweaked a little more though... I'd sing some parts differently, and maybe the song needs an angrier voice (ok, I know you put heart and soul into it, so take my comments with a pinch of salt, heh)

Firdaus said...

Okay this is a few months belated, cos' I didn't realize that there are comments for this song, but thanks B and Ivan for the feedback! =)