Loser's Song

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Loser's Song

That's what you said to me
When you don't want to see me anymore

That's how I feel inside
When you are not by my side

You said you love me
Well I guess your love is only temporary

You said you need me
Well I guess that now maybe you won't die without me

I should have seen the signs
But what can I say?
I guess love is blind

I will be on my way
Maybe we will meet again someday

Song Notes
I was experimenting with add7 chords for this song, and it came out decently I felt. It adds a 'bluesy' feel to the song. This is a straight-forward song about a guy's heartbreak and his lament about the end of the relationship. I called this song Loser's Song due to the whiny and petty nature of the lyrics. But I guess one needs to let one's emotions out after a broken relationship, and release the pent up grief inside huh? =)

Ideal singers for the song: The All-American Rejects


Unknown said...

Love your music video! So retro, and fits the song so well. If you're willing to invest more time in recording, you can considering downloading an open-source audio editor. Then record your instruments and vocals on separate tracks. You won't have the fancy drum loops etc, but you'd rid yourself of some distortion when you record "live" like what you did with this. Anyway, there's a nice retro-feel to the song. You don't have to be apologetic about it, man :)

Firdaus said...

haha, yeah i've thought of recording instruments and vocals on separate tracks. problem is, i have a lousy microphone! haha.. the greater number of tracks i use, the more distortion there would be, so i prefer to just record everything in one go to minimise the distortion.

thanks for the compliment on the song! =)