Walk On Walk On

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Walk On Walk On

There's no use crying over something
When you know there's nothing you can do about it
Yeah nothing at all
Yeah nothing at all

There's no use complaining about nothing
When you know it's your fault that got you in this mess
Yeah go blame yourself
Yeah go blame yourself

So walk on walk on
This door no longer bears your name
It's too late to say you're sorry
That's not the way we play this game

So walk on walk on
Cos things will never be the same
And it's time move on
So just walk on walk on walk on by

Yeah yeah yeah.. goodbye

Song Notes
I thought of doing a more 'rock' style and angrier song, and this is what came out, lol! It's a song about someone who's not willing to take back and reconcile with an ex-lover, because he/she has gotten over the other person and considers the relationship to be permanently over, no matter how much the ex-lover begs and implores to him/her to give the relationship another try.

Ideal singer for the song: Nirvana (would love to hear their interpretation of it, and what riffs they would include)


Ivan Chew said...

Nice one. There's a hint of Oasis in the song, but definitely your own sound. I agree -- the chorus needs an "angrier" feel. Adding in a distortion guitar might work. Or you could play the guitar with muted barre chords. We could experiment at the next meetup.

Firdaus said...

yeah this song requires some guitar distortion at the chorus.. haha..

no problem, we'll rock it out at the next meetup! lol