writing better songs

it's 1am and i have an exam tomorrow morning but i have to write this down before i forget it altogether. i realized that in order to grow as a songwriter you need to learn other people's music, there's no two ways about it. because if not it would be very difficult for you on your own to come up with fresh ideas on chord progressions, rhythms, lyrics, etc. so by learning and internalizing other musicians' songs, you are feeding into your own reservoir of ideas for your future songwriting use.

some stuff remembered from prominent musicians:

noel gallagher once said that the person with the largest record collection writes the best songs.

justin timberlake once said that every time he listened to a song he would try to figure out what chords are there.

the beatles are probably the masters of incorporating other people's music into their own stuff. they borrow a lot a lot of stuffs from other artistes, and i think it makes them improve as composers.

heck, even bob dylan borrows a lot from the poets of long long time ago.

okay that's all for now, time to sleep.

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B said...

Thanks for the celebrity quotes! ;)
Hope the paper went well? Hurhur.