You and I
We've been so long together
And it's just so sad
We barely knew each other
And it's just too bad
Cos I felt that we were meant to be

Loving you
Has been the joy of my life, and I'm
Missing you
Whenever I am lonely, and I'm
Dreaming you
And you're still here in my heart

I believe that the stars will shine some day
And this hurt would go away, sailing away
To a place where love is there to stay
Time stands still forever and a day

And even though the odds are low
And I'm too tired to hold on anymore
I still dream about you sometimes
And then I break down and cry

And when all hope is gone
I'm still here for you
Standing by your side
It's just a feeling I can't describe

Song Notes
An attempt at a Bon Jovi-style song, haha..


B said...

I don't listen to much Bon Jovi but this song is Very Emo... heh.

Firdaus said...

haha.. yeah. i seem to be churning out quite a few emo songs!

Unknown said...

I feel this song has potential, at least to my ears. It's different from your usual songs, cos I think you sang in a lower key which sounds nicer to me. More mellow.

I might try experimenting with some Major to Minor chord changes for the chorus. But I like the stanzas (maybe change a bit the last line).

Hey dude, wanna collaborate on this one? :) Email me the chords. Maybe we can work out something here.