why i write songs

to me, my songwriting is not 'art'. it's not meant to be a creative process and trying to be clever and whatnot. it's more of a means to express myself. my top 3 reasons for songwriting:

  1. to get things off my chest
  2. because i was inspired
  3. to say the things i want to say

if the day comes where songwriting becomes a burden instead of an avenue for relief, then i guess that's when my songwriting journey would end. as it is, i've already started exploring other forms of expression; i've slowly immersed myself into sketching and drawing. but the pleasure from it is different compared to songwriting. with songwriting, a burst of inspiration creates an instant result which leads to a song being born. but with sketching, it takes a hell lot of effort to create what inspired you in the first place. exhausting, to say the least.

i find myself now at an interesting point in my songwriting journey, because it seems that i have finally manage to say what i have wanted to say within me. as it is, i now see songwriting lesser as a means of expression but rather as a potential for creativity. confusing confusing, haha.. expect more 'creative' stuff in future!

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