S.H.E - Singapore, How Exciting!

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S.H.E. - Singapore, How Exciting!

Waking up in the morning
Recycling my day long acts
I laugh I cry I scream and
I complain every day

I hear the sound of the singing
So soothing I try to relax
I sang I joked I ate and
I feel everything is gonna be okay

She makes me sore yet
She makes me soar
She makes me insecure yet
Safe in a shifting world

She breaks my heart yet
She heals my soul
She holds my memories and
All my dreams and goals

It doesn't matter where you're from
As long as you call this place your own
It doesn't matter where you go
As long as you find your way home

Song Notes
This song came about when I told my friend Jia Ning that I wanted to try come up with a National Day song for Singapore's 42nd birthday. She said it was interesting and that she might try come up with some lyrics. And lo behold, after a few hours of thinking the she came up with a few lyrics! I added some lyrics of mine and formed them into a song.

What I like about this song is that it is not blatantly patriotic and cheesy (eg. I love Singapore! It's our home where we belong!), but rather, in a more subtle way, also indicates our appreciation and love for this tiny little island country.

Ideal singer for the song: Jamiroquai (I would LURVE to hear their version of this song)

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