i wish i had a teacher like that

As long as there have been humans,
we have searched for our place in the Cosmos

Where are we?
Who are we?

We find that
We live on an insignificant planet,
Of a humdrum star,
Lost in a galaxy,
Tucked away in some forgotten corner
Of a universe in which
There are far more galaxies
Than people

We make our world significant
By the courage of our questions
And by the depth of our answers

We embark on a journey to the stars
With a question first framed
In the childhood of our species.
And in each generation
Asks anew, with undiminised wonder:
"What are the stars?"

Exploration is in our nature
We began as wanderers
And we are wanderers still

We have lingered long enough
On the shores of the Cosmic ocean
We are ready at last
To set sail for the stars

Carl Sagan

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