Going to Canada

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Going to Canada

So I'm going off to Canada
Taking the first flight out from Panama
I'm leaving every single thing behind
My family my friends but not my mind

I'll be away for quite some time
Looking forward to it this trip of mine
I'll go sight see and play with snow
And wanna see the people there whom I know

So Goodbye Take Care Farewell
Hello Canada, let's go!

I've heard the weather there is very cold
Take a blanket there so I'm told
I'm used to it I'm cold all the time
In this air-conditioned world of mine

I hope that Canada would be a blast
Gain some nice memories that will last
Hope everything goes well in God I trust
Buy souvenirs for everybody yes that's a must!

Song Notes
This song was inspired by one of my friends who's going to Canada. It's another tongue-in-cheek song by me, heh.. Hello Canada, Let's Go!!

Ideal singer for the song: Bono (haha!)

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