Just For You

Just for You

There's a flower in the garden
It's for you
I've grown it just for you

There's a cake left in the oven
It's for you
I've baked it just for you

As I walk along this lonely road back home
As I climb into my bed at night alone

I think of you
Baby, my life is
Just for you

And I looked up to the sky
And I see the birds flying by
The rainbows remind me of the
Wonder that is you

And baby,
Everything I do
Is just for you

Song Notes
I was messing about with my guitar and amusing myself with my terrible impressions of Elvis. Then I thought it would be cool to write a song and sing it in an Elvis voice. So I wrote a song in 10 mins and recorded it in 5 mins and ta da! haha.. Now, if only I could get Elvis to sing all of my songs =).

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey it's nice!
I sang along to your song, Firdaus *ahem* Thought I heard a bit of Bon Jovi (the idea, not the actual singing).

Don't worry, I won't do a cover. hahaha