Take Care My Love

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Take Care My Love

If I'm not home by tomorrow
Please don't drown yourself in sorrow
Cos you're in my heart
Even though we are apart

There are some things I need to do
A matter of honour to be true
I'm going to a distant land
And I hope you'll understand

And everyday that I'm away
I'll be thinking of you
Wondering what you did today
Are you thinking of me too?

And every time i close my eyes
I'll feel I'm in paradise
Cos you're here beside me
Just like we used to be

There's a picture of me in the drawer
If you feel it might make you better
It's an old photograph
And I hope that you won't laugh

Pray for me while I'm away
Cos I'll pray for you everyday
To see you once again
And take away all your pain

But if i should be gone forever
Promise me you'll learn to love another
Take care my love
I'll watch you from above

Song Notes
I was playing around with some chord progressions and trying to come up with a song, when I asked my friend for some ideas on what sort of song should I write about. My friend, who had just watched an European film about a long-suffering wife finally escaping the clutches of her abusive husband, suggested I write a song about 'freedom'. Unfortunately, I didn't realise she wasn't talking about the 'freedom' you strive towards when you go to war.

So I was writing a song about a soldier going to war, and somehow it got transformed into a song about him telling his loved one not to worry about him and to pray for him while he is away. Turned out to be a touching song, really. This song is one of my favourites.

I dedicate this song to all the brave soldiers around the world (no matter which country), who put their lives on the line for the sake of their fellow countrymen. This song is also dedicated to the loved ones of the soldiers, who are also suffering from the pain of war.

Ideal singer for the song: Take That (I will make millions of dollars when this song becomes a hit for them, haha..)


Anonymous said...

I like this song very much.

Wah, never knew you were good in video editing too :)

Firdaus said...

wah jerron, how did you find this blog? haha.. i have not officially declared it open yet! haha..

glad you like the song. i like it too! =)

B said...

Firdaus, I like the slower version you did during the last Songcraft session!!!

This video is great! Fantastic editing! Totally apt ;)

Firdaus said...

haha.. yeah Betty i prefer the slower version too. this version has not enough feeling inside.

thanks for the compliment! =)