Album Review (In Rainbows by Radiohead)

Radiohead’s latest album In Rainbows is a work of art, period. A kaleidoscope of sounds painted on a canvas that emerges more and more upon repeated listening. There are so many layers, intricate details and instrumentations contained in the songs that it is practically impossible to provide an accurate breakdown of them in the songs without listening to it at least 10 times. For example, in the first song, ‘15 step’ I could detect drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, voice effects, synthesizers, use of reverbs, children voice effects, electronic percussive effects on top of the drumming, etc etc. And the cool thing is that it does not feel overbearing but fits nicely together in a collage tapestry of sounds. Not bounded by any conventional pop song arrangement or instrumentation, Radiohead is not afraid to experiment and try anything that they feel would help the song along. Add to that being proficient in competent in conventional instruments, as well as electronic music and effects, it yields an amazing result.

Each song in the album is different, uniquely configured and arranged to create the best possible effect and push the song towards its maximum potential. Examples include the trip-hop feel of ‘15 step’, the slow piano arrangement of ‘Videotape’ and the pop-ish ‘Jigsaw Falling into Place’. Combined with Thom Yorke’s excellent vocals, this is an album worth listening to over and over again.

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