my list of best Oasis songs

if i had to come up with a CD of the best of Oasis songs, these are the songs i would include, in this order:

  1. Cigarettes & Alcohol
  2. Roll With It
  3. Supersonic
  4. She's Electric
  5. Half the World Away
  6. Hey Now!
  7. Don't Look Back in Anger
  8. Don't Go Away
  9. Stand By Me
  10. The Masterplan
  11. Cast No Shadow
  12. Talk Tonight
  13. Songbird
  14. Wonderwall
  15. Married With Children
  16. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
  17. Let There Be Love
  18. Rock 'N' Roll Star
  19. Live Forever
  20. All Around the World

Songs from each album:

  1. Definitely Maybe (1994) (5 songs)
  2. What’s the Story (Morning Glory) (1995) (6 songs)
  3. Be Here Now (1997) (3 songs)
  4. The Masterplan (1998) (3 songs)
  5. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (2000) (none)
  6. Heathen Chemistry (2002) (2 songs)
  7. Don’t Believe the Truth (2005) (1 song)


da said...

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Jeremy Yew said...

Great list! Not surprising that the most songs came from "Morning Glory" and "Definitely Maybe". I think those were the 2 best albums by Oasis.

By the way, I have to point out a few songs which you missed out, which I would like to see in an Oasis "Greatest Hits" album (if there ever was one):

1) Champagne Supernova
2) Some Might Say

Some of their non-album songs:

1) Sad Song
2) D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?

Yup, that's all.

It's fun to dream about an Oasis "Greatest Hits" album!