Another day has gone
I'm in heaven
Cos' you are here with me
In my arms

A million stars tonight
It feels so right
To tell you that I'm in
love with you

And the moon is shining down
Just for you dear
And the ties that bind our love
Will grow stronger

As you lay by my side
Gently breathing
I see the clouds have all

I love you
I love you

If I could have one wish
Take your hand in mine
And as the bluebirds sing
We'll dream through the night


Song Notes
This is a collaborative effort between Betty and me. Cool song! And definitely another song I would not have been able to come up with on my own, haha..


Singlotto said...

It's a lovely song. I really love it. But I feel that the two of you have not done the song much justice by the quality of your vocal recording. It's a mic issue thing again :-(

B said...

I haven't checked your blog for a long time! Thanks for putting this up!
(My own music blog is superbly inactive right now haha)

Psst, Jerron, a professional recording to improve the quality, perhaps? ;p